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  2. How to Change or Remove a User in Mac OS X Lion
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  4. Demystifying `root` on macOS, Part 1 – Scripting OS X

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Removing Other Users

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One thought on “More Group Management with dseditgroup”

Linked Related This seems to be system wide. It also mutes the startup chime.

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Good for classrooms. If headphones are plugged in, they have a separate volume setting. Can be done using the pmset command. Remember to always execute this command as user "root" in ARD.

How to Change or Remove a User in Mac OS X Lion

The sleep parameter tells the computer never to sleep, disksleep makes the hard disk spin down in 10 minutes, displaysleep makes the monitor remain awake for 75 minutes. This wakes the machine if it's asleep or powers it on if it's turned off , every weekday at 3am.

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Method 1: Copy the labstats. Open the file named "postflight", delete everything in it and replace it with:.

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On other models you can try listing the available printer options, then pass the appropriate option to lpadmin using the "-o" parameter. To list all available printer options, install the printer on any one workstation and then run:.

Apple Mac Users and Groups Management

Situation: local printer stops while printing, and standard user cannot resume job. Or non-admin should be allowed to install a new printer queue. Proposed cause for the issue: Then one of our staff went to an Apple Integration seminar at Cambridge UK where the little known fact emerged that Leopard has a persistent Kerberos certificate which can cause problems with just such things as binding to AD.

Demystifying `root` on macOS, Part 1 – Scripting OS X

This is a particular problem if using an image to build multiple machines which are then bound to AD - it is the equivalent of having identical machine accounts on windows. Also, verify the correct date, time, and time zone information in System Preferences. If computer is properly bound admin can verify by attempting to unlock system preferences , but no domain account can log in, be sure the setting allowing network users to log in is checked in Users system pane if present.

It also skips verification which Disk Utility forces you to do, thus adding minutes to the imaging process. Verification is GOOD, but sometimes, when you're sure that the image is healthy and your destination drive is healthy, it can be a waste of time.